POZVÁNKA: Short Documentary in the Age of Digital News

Srdečně zveme všechny zájemce na přednášku, kterou na téma Short Documentary in the Age of Digital News pronese Kevin King, M.A. (Uniwersytet Łódzki, Polsko).

Přednáška se uskuteční v úterý 20. 3. 2018 od 11:30 hodin v posluchárně č. 2.31 („aula“, Tř. Svobody 26, 1. patro).

With the rise of digital platforms to digest and share news, the short form documentary, usually between 6 to 12 minutes, has become an integral part of the news gathering and dissemination process for print, TV and internet news services. These short films come in many forms, from personal narratives to humorous profiles to traditional field reporting. Often these films utilize a narrative approach to the presentation of material that can differ from the methods of print journalism, an approach that is facilitated by the audio/visual component of film. The use of narrative and graphics in these news shorts can help the viewer digest information, but does it threaten objectivity in ways that print media avoids? Or are both digital and print media susceptible to massaging the information they present to achieve ‘clicks’ over the facts? Using a variety of examples, Senior Lecturer Kevin King of the University of Lodz will discuss the varying forms of the short digital documentary and consider the implications of this growing platform.

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